Cost Effectiveness

  • Long service life
  • Quick to install
  • Maximise production time
  • Minimise labour costs
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Re-useable
  • Large stock inventory


  • Over 50 years in underground mining
  • Over 20 years in pipe manufacturing


  • Meets requirements of MDG 3608,6.9 Non-Metallic Pipes
  • Certified FRAS product
  • Australian designed
  • Australian manufactured
  • Australian owned


  • Assembled outbye at non-critical times
  • Fast installation methods which reduce downtime
  • Installation methods significantly reduce manual handling
  • Service colour coded for easy identification
  • Pipelion products are specifically aimed at the underground coal mining industry where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a major concern.

    Pipelion products are also suitable for use in Class 1 explosive atmospheres.

  • Pipelion products have been brought to the market after many years of research and development.

    The innovations in advance polymer technology, product design, joining systems and installation processes have led to a product designed to provide the end user with a highly efficient, cost effective and safer means to install underground services.

  • Pipelion products are:

    • FRAS rated (Fire Resistant Anti Static)
    • FRAS rated for the working life of the product
    • Made from inherently safe polymer compounds
    • Non toxic
  • Pipelion products are suitable for use in:

    • Underground Coal
    • Methane drainage
    • Inertisation
    • Grain handling
    • Cement production
    • Paint & Solvent manufacturing
    • Offshore drilling platforms
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Powder accumulation
    • And anywhere ESD is of concern